Below are some projects that I have been working on.

Internship with Leeds City Council

Over the course of the Spring of 2018, I undertook a brief internship with Leeds City Council at Merrion House. For this internship, I worked with data regarding the number of people passing through each of the entrances to Kirkgate Market provided by Steve Mason (Head of Markets, LCC). The project involved tackling two objectives:

The investigation culminated in a written report that was submitted as an assessed piece of work.

Concert Scraper

This code has been written for the second assessment of the Programming for Social Scientists module. The scope of the assessment was left relatively open-ended, allowing students to design their own program. The main requirement was that the code produced should:

With these points in mind, the aim of the project was to produce a program that documented the concerts that were going on in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Programming for Social Scientists

This project has been undertaken as part of the 1-week intensive module taken at the end of September 2017. The aim was to build a simple agent-based model that characterised the basic interactions of agents with each other, and with their environment. These behaviours included moving, eating and sharing with neighbours. More information can be found in the Github repository (see title link).

Fig. 1: The environment in which the agents live.
Fig. 2: 20 Agents in the environment after 500 iterations.